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This Is All You Need To Boost Your Energy And Get Rid Of Insomnia And Headaches


Constant headaches, insomnia, and low levels of energy are unfortunately one of the most common issues that many people suffer from! What’s even worse is that the majority of people are strongly convinced that such issues occur due to the hectic lifestyle of the modern society.

Hence, instead of looking for the true causes, they are very simply trying to survive with them. But what they might not know is that such issues can also be caused by numerous nutrient deficiencies such as magnesium and vitamin K.

These two vitamins are highly important for the proper function of our organs and overall health and well-being!



Benefits of Mg :

– This vital and essential nutrient is surprisingly responsible for about 300 different chemical reactions in our body. Its main job is to convert food into energy and create new proteins from amino acids, which perfectly explains why it is used to reduce stress levels, relieve anxiety, and fight the daily fatigue.

– Magnesium is found to have the ability to prevent the frequent and constant headaches and even treat migraines. However, when the body is suffering from Mg deficiency, it exhibits the following symptoms, says, low serotonin levels, constriction of blood vessels, and even a dysfunction in the neurotransmitter.

Sources of Mg :

Both men and women need to consume foods rich in this nutrient. However, the recommended intake differs depending on age and gender. For instance, men between 19 and 30 years old are supposed to receive 400 mg while older ones about 420 mg. Young women, on the other hand, are allowed to take about 310 mg of magnesium while older ones need about 320 mg.

Here are some foods that are highly packed with magnesium that you really should add to your daily diet to get the necessary magnesium daily intake:

– Spinach.
– Nuts.
– Brown rice.
– Whole grain bread.
– Fish.
– Meat.
– And finally Avocado!



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