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6 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Before They Kill You


We all know a bad habit when we see one but how about those habits that seem so innocent an harmless? Well, you are probably not aware of this, but there are common practices and habits you do on a daily basis that can literally put an end to your life and lead you very early to the grave!


Popping pimples on your nose

You think it’s disgusting, ugly, and frustrating. You just hate how these little or giant blackheads make your nose look dirty and unclean. So, you decide to pop out the blackheads or the pimples thinking that this will make you look better.

The truth is, you don’t ! No need to deny it because you know well it’s true. Your nose will just end up red with marks. However, this is not what matters most.

The danger to which you are exposing yourself is even greater and may even kill you! The T zone, or just part of it, let’s say that part of your face that starts from the tip of the nose to the end of the upper lip is extremely sensitive and also extremely dangerous.

These parts are linked with the most important and sensitive organs of the body, namely the brain and the skull, and don’t really have valves with which they can stop the blood backflow.

So, what really happens when you try to pop out pimples in that area is really scary and shocking! You may unintentionally harm yourself and end up suffering from serious health complications such as meningitis, which is a very dangerous infectious disease that causes the swelling of tissues around the brain and spinal cord.

Even worse, you may even suffer from serious infections at the level of the brain.
Let’s not forget that there is also a possibility that the bacteria and germs existing inside a pimple can take their road to the brain and invite your body to travel to the other world!



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