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6 Awful Ways Sitting Can Actually Kill You


Are you spending your whole day and everyday sitting on that office chair, couch, or cushion? Because if you do then be prepared to leave this world soon. Sitting is actually the new way of smoking, except the fact that the furniture lobby is not as dangerous as the tobacco one.

Therefore, Sitting for prolonged, continuous hours, every day, is extremely dangerous for your health. What’s worse, not even healthy exercises can save your life!


Chronic Disease

This will surely destroy your piece of mind but I have no other choice but to warn you! If you are like me working in an unhealthy work environment where you have to sit for hours on end, then, you are highly prone to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

A survey conducted in Australia in February 2013 exposed that the middle-aged participants who sat for more than 4 hours a day were more likely to develop chronic diseases.

The survey also revealed that everytime the number of sitting hours increases, the risks of getting one of these diseases increases too, regardless of the individual’s body mass index or even their exercise routine.



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