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10 Of The Healthiest Fish You Should Be Eating


Fish is the world’s greatest source of omega-3 fatty acids. That’s in addition to the fact that they are being loaded with important nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. This species is just incredible for the health of your body and brain.

However, many fish are unfortunately highly contaminated with mercury levels, parasites, and diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the healthiest choices you should be making when adding fish to your diet!


Wild Salmon From Alaska

Before we ever start talking about the health benefits of this fish, it is good to know that there is farmed salmon and wild-caught salmon. The latter is much more expensive but it is definitely worth the money in your wallet. It may even cost you an average of 30 dollars per pound.

Still, it is significantly healthier and more sustainable. And most importantly, wild-caught salmon is very known for being low in contaminants, including mercury.Plus, a just four-ounce serving contains upwards of 1,210mg of omega-3 fatty acids and about 180 calories.

The farmed salmon, however, is better avoided. Perhaps the most dangerous thing about farmed fish is that they tend to have little to no nutritional value due to their exposition to chemicals, lice, and many bacteria and viruses.

According to Seafood Watch, The waste produced by farming practices can be responsible for contamination of wild fish with parasites and diseases.



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